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The Clearbrook Foundation | Our Story

The Clearbrook Foundation believes the time has come for artistic beauty to grace our community. We are seeking exceptional local artists whose talent we can celebrate. We also believe for art to flourish, the artist must be financially rewarded. For this to happen, the community must understand how art benefits them and the community. Therefore, the Foundation presents theClearbrook Center of the Arts as a place for exceptional artists to share their vision for our community.

The Center has over 5,000 square feet, (currently available to view by appointment only) as a non-purposive free space for artists of high caliber to explore their talent and their place in our community. Clearbrook Center of the Arts will endeavor to communicate their vision to local businesses and residents with the express purpose of developing opportunities per our Mission Statement.

How will this happen? Our 'Projects' tell the story...

The Clearbrook Center of the Arts | Our Mission

The Clearbrook Foundation does not engage in the selling of art, or ownership of art. The Clearbrook Foundation will underwrite community projects it deems appropriate that are artistic in nature and lead to compensation of the artists and the eventual reimbursement of materials so the Foundation's underwriting of projects can continue. The Clearbrook Center of the Arts is a work space for such projects.

We anticipate the Center will become a meeting place for cultural events, workshops, and showings. We are not there yet! Your support at this early phase is greatly appreciated and will help us achieve this goal.

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