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Nicholas Zimbro | Acrylic & Mixed Media

Nicholas Zimbro's exceptional talent is readily apparent, and he's only just getting started. His subjects appear as if they could walk off the canvas. His style and flair for communicating emotion through the abstract is refreshing and inspiring as vibrant colors swirl and weave around these realistic subjects. Nick's studio is at Tackett's Mill and he imagines art spilling out of Lakeridge and into the eastern end of the County. He'd like to see our utility boxes creatively painted and murals strategically placed to make commuters smile. His touch is already apparent in a vibrant mural in Lakeridge at the top floor of the elevator tower at Tackett's Mill, just down the pedestrian bridge from the Library. Nick is our hometown artist and could easily become as famous to us as Dale Chihuly is to Seattle. Yes, he's that talented and exceptional.

A 1999 Graduate of Gar-Field, a 2006 graduate of the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, he currently resides in Dale City. His current project within the Clearbrook Center of the Arts is entitled "Community Garden." The project is a spectacular undertaking which needs to be seen to be believed. Nick has engaged many young aspiring artists in the community, taken them under his wing, and encouraged them to add their unique touches to the project. Community Garden's overarching motif, according to Nick is; "Life is big, beautiful and messy."

Clearbrook Exceptional Artist

Kenneth Faraoni | Bronze Sculpture

Kenneth Faraoni, a scupltor of old world quality, and master of the classic art of bronze, is new to Lakeridge and looking for a place to settle down. Born in Washington, D.C. in 1967, he's been on the move ever since. Having his sort of talent land here now, in Lakeridge, at our artistic awakening, is nothing short of a miracle. Ken's talent is nationally renowned and his bronze works have been celebrated and honored throughout the state of Virginia.

In his studio at Tackett's Mill, Ken is putting the finishing touches on a two year project for the Lynchburg Historical Foundation. The larger than life bronze statue entitled, "Water Bearer," is soon to be prominently placed at the heart of Lynchburg as the pride of that community for decades to come. Ken sees opportunities for public art through the Occoquan River Communities and inside Lakeridge. Imagine, at the heart of Lakeridge, perhaps at the corner of Minnieville and Old Bridge Road. a whimsical piece of bronze that says to commuters and visitors who have just come off I95, "We know what you've endured. We offer you a smile, a wink, and and a beautiful place to relax." What would such a statue look like, you may be wondering. Ken has a concept. He's ready to make it a reality.

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Clearbrook Exceptional Artist